The Liminanas – Shadow People (2018)

The Liminanas – Shadow People (2018)
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Label: Because Music BEC5543242 | Tracks: 10 | Time: 39:11 min
Garage Rock, Psychedelic Rock
The Limianas’s fifth album – no rest for the wicked of Perpignan – which is blown right open here and there by a few very contemporary guests. After the opener, Ouverture, with its almost surf-like guitars, comes Le Premier Jour, where Lionel Limiana talks about his rock baptism with the punks, the mods, the skinheads, and the Lambrettas of his youth in the South of France. What comes just after is the seismic shock of Istanbul Is Sleepy: the Imprimatur of Anton Newcombe of The Brian Jonestown Massacre is simply enormous. Then comes Emmanuelles Seigner’s super sexy tornado on the title track; and Dimanche follows, with Bertrand Belin. Lionel sees him as a French Nick Cave who writes songs that resemble films. The Gift features Peter Hook who scrapes his bass guitar again here; obviously a song reminiscent of an early period New Order. Finally, the Limianas on their own send out an instrumental cavalcade with a furious beat, like a kraut Morricone, Motorizzati Marie followed by Pink Flamingos, introduced with psych rock pads played backwards forming a vaporous song bathed in acoustic arpeggios. A respite in the album… before the fuzz and the abyssal bass of Trois Bancs violently shakes the ghost of Gainsbourg: an electroshock in talk over. And to close the scene, a love message: De La Part Des Copains; its organ, its tambourine, its quaver, and its brass place it in the classic soundtrack category revered by the band.

01. Ouverture. 03:19
02. Le Premier Jour 02:58
03. Istanbul Is Sleepy 03:51
04. Shadow People 03:11
05. Dimanche 04:23
06. The Gift 05:01
07. Motorizatti Marie 03:55
08. Pink Flamingos 02:45
09. Trois Bancs 05:28
10. De la part des copains 04:19

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